Block PNB Bank Credit Card, How to Block PNB Credit Card

The Punjab National Bank (PNB) offers a complimentary Credit Card to customers upon opening a savings account with the bank. Customers can use this Credit Card to conduct transactions at point-of-sale (POS) terminals or online platforms.

How to Block PNB Credit Card

Utilising a Credit Card for online or in-person transactions is generally considered a secure and protected method. However, individuals must practice prudence to prevent their Credit Card information from being replicated through skimming techniques or acquired by internet criminals. Individuals can initiate a PNB Credit Card Block in case of a loss or suspected fraudulent activity on the card.

This communication aims to address the matter of blocking a PNB credit card.

Suppose a client of Punjab National Bank (PNB) experiences the loss or theft of their card or harbours suspicions of fraudulent activity resulting in unauthorized withdrawals from their account. In that case, it is imperative that they promptly initiate the freezing of their credit card.

There are three methods for a Punjab National Bank client to restrict their Credit Card: through internet banking, SMS, or by contacting the Punjab National Bank customer care section.

The process of deactivating a card via online banking

  1. Please access your PNB online banking account by logging in.
  2. To proceed, please navigate to the ‘Value Added Service’ section and choose the ‘ATM/Debit Card Hotlisting’ option.
  3. Please select your ‘Account Number’ from the provided drop-down menu.
  4. To proceed, please select the ‘Continue’ option, which will prompt the display of the card associated with the designated account.
  5. Please choose the card number. If the card number is not visibly presented, users have the option to manually input the card number within the designated field labelled ‘Card Number.’
  6. To proceed, please input the IBS Transaction Password and choose the ‘Submit’ option afterward.

The prompt notification indicating the successful hotlisting of the card will be shown instantaneously.

The process of blocking a credit card using a mobile application.

The following instructions outline the process of blocking the card using the mobile application:

  • To access the PNB One App, users must log in using their designated login credentials.
  • To begin the process, please choose the “Credit Card” option and go to the subsequent page. Locate and select the “Hotlist Credit Card” option on this page.
  • To initiate the hotlisting process for a card, please choose the corresponding account number from the provided drop-down menu.
  • After completing the task, please click the ‘Continue’ button.
  • The card associated with the designated account will be presented, and after that, the user should choose the corresponding card number.
  • Please input the transaction password and proceed by clicking the ‘Continue’ button.
  • It is essential to acknowledge that once a credit card has been placed on a hotlist, it is impossible to reverse or remove the hotlisting status.

The process of blocking a credit card by contacting Customer care

The credit card customer service number of PNB may be reached to ban or hotlist your credit card.

The card can be rendered inactive by contacting the bank’s call centre representative using the 24-hour toll-free helpline numbers 1800 180 2222, 1800 103 2222, or the paid helpline number 0120-2490000.

The Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) module is further included with the aforementioned toll-free lines. Additionally, using a previously registered mobile device, sending a Short Message Service (SMS) that provides the card number and the keyword “HOT” to the designated recipient number 5607040 is possible.

The act of suspending the use of a credit card in a non-electronic manner.

Visit the Punjab National Bank branch closest to you to block the credit card. Individuals must possess the requisite identity papers and credit card information. You will receive assistance from a bank employee in starting the card-blocking process.

The following methods can be employed to initiate a block or hotlist on a credit card in the event of theft or loss. To mitigate any criminal activities, it is imperative to promptly report the loss or theft of one’s credit card.