SBI ATM Block, How to Block SBI ATM Card, SBI Debit Card Block Number 2023

Block SBI ATM Card Online: Many people nowadays wish to block their cards because they have lost them or had them compromised, making it impossible for them to use them for any additional transactions. Your card has to be hacked on a regular basis these days,


The majority of errors in this area are made by young children, or sometimes adults also make this error when conducting an online transaction and their transaction becomes stuck in the middle. In these cases, the customer calls their bank for a refund and describes their issue, and their issue is resolved. However, if the customer orders any of his goods from websites like Flipkart and Amazon, then his transaction may also become stuck.

SBI ATM Block Number

SBI ATM Block, How to Block SBI ATM Card, SBI Debit Card Block Number 2023

How to Block SBI ATM Card Online

When they wish to get their money back over the internet, they first phone the website’s helpline number. If they used any other way, however, they would have made a serious error because they never do this. They discover a fraudster who uses their card after speaking to them politely and withdraws whatever amount of money from their bank at will, and they get concerned about what to do if they are targeted. Blocking your card is the only action that has to be taken. We will explain how to Block your ATM card in today’s post.

How to Block SBI ATM/Debit Card

Block SBI Debit Card: Considering that not everyone uses internet banking these days, there is an issue that occurs if a person is unable to block their card online and must visit their bank. Even if you decide not to apply, we have provided instructions on how to block your card using an offline technique in this page.

As a result of how simple it has become to use a card to pay these days, practically everyone does so even when cash withdrawals are required. Because of this, credit card and debit card fraud cases are on the rise nowadays. Leaving aside the potential for fraud in the event that cards are misplaced.

Block SBI ATM Card By SMS

Even then, they must block their card since disaster will ensue if it gets into the wrong hands. Hence, the sooner the card is blocked, the safer it will be for you and the more secure your account’s funds will be. If you wait until you go to the bank to complete the process, it will be too late because there will already be a lot of money there.

In order to block your card, you must wait in line for a while; however, during that time, anyone can withdraw all of the funds from your account. With this in mind, State Bank of India also developed an offline method, which is covered in the section below on how to block your SBI card without using the internet.

Block SBI ATM Card

How To Block SBI ATM Card

By the way, banks now offer their clients a high level of protection to ensure that they never have a problem, but occasionally, owing to a client’s ignorance or a mistake, their credit or debit card is stolen or compromised. When that happens, they may wish to block their card. There are two ways to do this, which we have listed below.

Three Ways to Block Your SBI Card

  • Block SBI ATM Card Online
  • Block SBI ATM Card via Calling to helpline number/ Offline
  • Offline by Visiting Bank Branch

Block SBI ATM Card Online

If you wish to ban your card online, the procedure is fairly simple. We’ve included instructions below on how to do this for your State Bank of India ATM card.

  • The first step should be to go to the SBI official website.
  • You are now on our website’s home page.
  • In order to Utilize all the choices, you must log in on the main page.
  • Next, click the “e-Services” tab’s “ATM Card Services>Block ATM Card” option.
  • Choose the account that you wish to use to ban your ATM or debit card now.
  • All of your debit and credit cards will be available after you choose that account and will be connected to it.
  • Now choose the card you wish to ban, confirm it by clicking SUBMIT, and then click OK.
  • You must now choose an authentication method so that you may continue without interruption. You have two alternatives in this to authenticate yourself: 1. using an OTP and 2. using a password. You are free to select whichever of the two you like.
  • You must enter your OTP or password in the next step before clicking CONFIRM to continue.
  • Your ATM or debit card will be successfully blocked when a notification with a ticket number appears. Make a note of this ticket’s number for your records.
  • As soon as you do this, your ATM card is blocked or Blockd.

Block SBI ATM Card via Calling to Helpline Number/ Offline.

How To Block SBI ATM Card With Registered Mobile Number 2023, We have detailed below how to ban your State Bank of India ATM card offline if you desire to do so. The technique is also extremely simple.

  • First and foremost, the cellphone number connected to your ATM card is crucial if you wish to restrict it.
  • Next, using the same mobile number, dial the SBI ATM Card Helpline Number 1800-1234.
  • After completing this, answer the phone and press 1 if you know the card number; otherwise, input your bank account information and continue.
  • If you choose option 1, you must now enter the last five digits of your card to continue. If you want to confirm the card number, you must then enter the final five digits of your card once again to confirm. must be done
  • Your card will be closed as a result, and a confirmation message will be sent to the registered cellphone number associated with it.

How to Disable an SBI ATM Card by Phone

How Can I Disable My SBI ATM Card With My Account Number?

It was stated that if you recalled your card number, you could complete this task; however, if you forgot it, what would you do next? For that, we have also shown below how to block your card without knowing your card number, and we have done so in detail. How can I block my SBI card if I can’t recall the number?

  • Thus, from your registered cellphone number, dial the SBI ATM Card Helpline Number 1800-1234 to get assistance with this as well.
  • If you can’t recall your card number right now, you’ll need to input your account number to continue.
  • In order to do this, press 2 and input the last five digits of your account. You must also enter the last five digits of your account to confirm.
  • Your card will be mentioned in this, and when asked why you wish to block it, you must provide any justification. Your card should be blocked as quickly as possible.
  • Your card will be banned if you do this alone within a few hours.

How to Block SBI ATM Card Offline

SBI Block ATM Card Application

By the way, nowadays virtually everyone prefers to complete their tasks online, including this work. But, there are still a lot of individuals who dislike online work completely and choose not to complete all tasks. They can complete any work offline or by visiting the direct bank, but to do so, they must follow the steps we’ve outlined below.

  • The consumer must first stop by the branch location.
  • They then need to pick up an SBI ATM Blocking Form from any bank counter.
  • You must now carefully fill out the form.
  • You must now give it to the manager or any other employee.
  • By the way, we should point you that this method is time-consuming and fraught with danger.
  • There will be a significant loss in your account before the bank workers amend your form.