UCO Bank ATM Block, How to Block UCO Bank ATM Card

How Can Uco Bank ATM Debit Card Be Blocked Through Customer Service? Calling the bank’s customer service line is one of the simplest and quickest ways to block an ATM card. You may report the loss of your card and ask for it to be banned by calling the majority of Indian banks’ 24-hour customer service lines. Here is a step-by-step guide to blocking Uco Bank ATM Card through Customer Care.

UCO Bank ATM Block

How To Block UCO Bank Debit Card And ATM By SMS Online And Customer Service You must immediately Block your UCO Bank ATM card if it has been lost or stolen to prevent unauthorised usage.

UCO Bank ATM Block Number

24/7 Toll Free no: 1800 103 0123
HOT<space>xxxx and send to 9230192301

Block UCO Bank ATM Card

UCO Bank ATM/Debit can be blocked or hotlisted in 5 ways.

  • Block UCO Bank ATM Card By SMS
  • Block By Customer Care
  • Block by sending Email
  • In UCO Bank NetBanking
  • By Visiting Branch

Block UCO Bank ATM Card By SMS

  • The procedure for adding a debit card to an SMS hotlist is as follows:
  • You must text the number 9230192301 in the manner shown below from your bank account’s registered mobile phone.

To block all UCO Bank ATM Cards linked to your mobile send as below

HOT and send sms to 9230192301

Block a single debit card send sms as below


Example: HOT 3036 and SMS to 9230192301

Block UCO Account 

  • HOT <14 digit account number>
  • Example: HOT 25689542457812 and send sms to 9230192301

Upon sending sms a confirmatory SMS alert will be sent to the customer. In case the card is not hot-listed or services are not available at that point of time, then also SMS alert with proper information/guidance will go to the customer.

The steps are as follows for adding a debit card to an SMS hotlist:

  • You must use the registered mobile phone for your bank account to text the number 9230192301 in the way outlined below.

UCO Bank Block ATM Card Customer Number

 UCO bank atm card block toll free number

  • Call the customer service line at 18001030123, available twenty-four hours a day, and ask them to block or add the ATM card to a hotlist.
  • You can also ask for a new ATM or debit card to be issued, but this would cost you roughly Rs 200.
  • Fortunately, you can unblock your UCO card if you’ve found your ATM card and contact customer service.

Block UCO ATM Card by email

Send an email to uco.custcare@ucobank.co.in with your account number, debit card number, and other customer data if you want to get your UCO debit card hotlisted.

Block UCO Bank ATM Card in UCO mBanking

  • Go to Request Processing -> Hot list Debit Card -> pick the card and block if you’re using the mBanking app.
  • visit a branch of UCO Bank
  • Visit the closest UCO bank branch to submit a request to block the card and request a new ATM or debit card.
  • All types of UCO Bank ATM cards, including Visa EMV Debit Cards (Chip Cards) and RuPay International Debit Cards, can be blocked using the aforementioned techniques.