Block Canara Bank Credit Card, How to Block Canara Bank Credit Card

Disable Canara Bank Credit Card When a customer’s Canara Bank Credit Card is lost or stolen, the card can be blocked permanently or temporarily until it is recovered. In the event of a persistent block, the user may register for a new Canara Bank Credit Card. By blocking the Credit Card from Canara Bank, you can prevent any fraudulent use of the card.

How to Block Canara Bank Credit Card

Canara Credit Card Customer Care Number, You can contact Canara Bank customer care on the bank’s toll-free numbers at  1800 425 00181800 103 00181800 208 3333,or1800 3011 3333

How to Block Your Canara Bank Credit Card and Request a Replacement: Block your Canara Bank credit card. Blocking it is absolutely necessary when you’ve neglected or lost your credit card. This measure protects you from potentially catastrophic fraudulent activity on your account. Canara Bank provides five methods to ban your credit card immediately.

Various Strategies for Blocking Your Canara Bank Credit Card:

The following are the five methods for blocking your Canara Bank credit card.

Internet Banking:

Utilizing online banking is the simplest method for blocking a credit card. On the Canara website, log in to your Internet banking account using your user ID and password. Navigate to your account to secure your credit card, and specify why. Your display will indicate that your credit card has been successfully blocked.

Smartphone Application:

Downloading the Canara mobile banking application is the first step. Then, using your user ID and password for online banking, log in to your account. Choose card-blocking services from the menu of the app. Choose your credit card, then block it while explaining why. On your device’s screen, you will see the message “credit card successfully blocked.”

Mobile Banking:

Customers may also transmit credit card-related questions or concerns using Canara Bank’s telephone banking service. If cardholders lose their credit card, they can restrict it using the phone banking option. To contact the bank, dial 1-800-425-0018 (toll-free). To block your credit card, follow the instructions provided by the IVR Machine.

SMS Filtering:

Customers can restrict their credit cards by sending an SMS to 9266623333 that reads “CAN (space) HOTLiSTCC (space) Card Number (16-digit number) Date of Birth (YY/MM/DD). You will receive a confirmation message on your enrolled mobile device on successful card blocking.

Canara Bank Location:

Customers may visit a bank branch to restrict their credit cards. Complete the card blockage form available at the counter. Your credit card will be blocked once the form is submitted. You will receive a confirmation message at your registered mobile number.

How Can I Replace My Canara Bank Credit Card?

Customers of Canara Bank can replace their credit cards by contacting customer service. The replacement of your card will incur a charge of Rs 50. The cardholder calls the bank at 1-800-425-0030 to request a replacement card. To replace your Canara Bank credit card, you must provide your credit card details, including your card number, expiration date, and CVV.


What is the toll-free customer service number for Canara Bank?

The toll-free customer service number for Canara Bank is 1800-425-0018.

Is it possible to disable my Canara Bank credit card temporarily?

You can temporarily disable your credit card by logging into your online banking account and navigating to the ‘ manage card’ section.

Is there a fee associated with replacing a card?

Yes, the Canara Bank card replacement fee is Rs. 100.