SBI Credit Card Statement Password, How to Get SBI Card Statement Password

How to Open a PDF Password for an SBI Credit Card Statement? Everyone is aware that the State Bank of India offers a vast array of credit card services to customers who have opened accounts with the institution. Each month, when the bill production is complete, SBI does email the pertinent credit card statements.

SBI Credit Card

Customers must keep in mind the specific SBI credit card Statement password in order to view their E-statement without causing further issues because these specific card statements have password protection.

SBI Credit Card Statement

As a result, we’ve included all the information you need to know in this post on how to access the SBI credit card statement pdf password as well as other important details you should be familiar with when it comes to opening the SBI credit card statement format.

What precisely is the password for the SBI Credit Card statement?

You will be required to provide a password that must follow a specified structure in order to access your SBI Credit Card statement. You must thus enter the correct password in order to view the PDF statement. The PDF statement and the SBI Credit card statement password format will be included in the email. There are some individuals who just disregard it and instead turn to the internet to discover a reliable answer, so you should carefully review it to look for the password format in the email.

Creating a new statement password on an SBI credit card

The first eight characters of the PDF password, which has a total of 12 digits, will represent the user’s birthdate. The next four characters will be the final four numbers on the customer’s SBI card, and it will be formatted as DD/MM/YYYY.

For instance, the password for the PDF statement will be 020819956789 if the cardholder’s birthdate is August 2, 1995, and the final four digits of their card number are 6789. As a result, starting today, your SBI credit card statement password will be made up of your DOB’s first eight digits and the final four digits of your credit card.

SBI Credit Card Statement Download in PDF

You don’t need a password to download an SBI Credit Card Statement from your SBI application because you may access them right from your phone. Additionally, no password is required to view the PDF E-statement from the SBI Card statement.

Viewing a PDF of an old SBI card statement

Even though it used to be necessary to open an Old Card statement with the 16-digit main card number, doing so now only requires the customer’s DOB and the card’s final four digits.

A list of a few safety measures

A few safety measures must be observed when using the State Bank of India credit card, which is why we have included them below:

First and foremost, be careful not to provide your credit card to a stranger. Make sure the individual you are sharing your credit card with is trustworthy before you do so.

Do not disclose your card information if you receive a call from someone requesting for it, as such calls are usually made by fraudsters.

Every time you download the statement, you must be sure to do it via the official app or website. Therefore, you should never click on a link in an email that seems dubious enough to ask for your personal information.