Block BOI Bank Credit Card, How to Block BOI Credit Card

How to Block a Credit Card from Bank of India: If someone steals or loses your Bank of India credit card, you need to stop it so that fake transactions don’t happen and you don’t lose money. If the account user loses or has his or her Bank of India Credit Card stolen, it is essential to report it and make sure the card is stopped so that it can’t be used to make fraudulent or unauthorized purchases.

How to Block BOI Credit Card

The account user needs to call the listed phone number and talk to a customer service representative to get more help. The person with the account must give the customer service rep the credit card or their account number.

How to Block a Credit Card from Bank of India: If you lose or forget your Bank of India (BOI) Credit Card, you should first stop it so it can’t be used without your permission. You can block your card in a few different ways. We will list these ways below.

By using the Customer Service Number

If a suspect gets a hold of your Credit Card, it could be used in ways you don’t want. Calling the Bank of India card hot listing number, which you can do at any time of day or night, is a quick and easy step. The customer care executive will ask the person with the credit card for all of the vital information about the card. Call the number on the list of hosts below:

  1. Toll-Free: Free:1800 425 1112
  2. Land Line: :(022) 40429123 / (022 )40429127

All of the network providers in the country can use the numbers.

Using Internet payments

If you use Bank of India net banking, you might be able to block your card faster if you log in to BOI net banking. To stop the card, do the following:

  1. Go to and click “Personal/Corporate Net Banking.”
  2. Enter your Login ID and password to get into your account.
  3. Click the “Requests” tab.
  4. Now, click “Credit Card” from the list.
  5. Click “Hotlist Credit Card” again to stop using your Bank of India Credit Card.
  6. Choose the Credit Card you want to block, then click “Submit.”
  7. You will get an SMS message, and that’s it.

Through the Card Shield Android/iOS Mobile App

Card Shield is a new way to use and keep track of your Credit Card. It not only lets you block your card, but also lets you set a cap on how much you can use it, get alerts when transactions happen, and more. Here are the steps:

  1. Get the Star Token app on your phone.
  2. When you start the app after installing it, it will take you to the Bank of India net banking login page.
  3. Enter your Login ID and password to get into your account.
  4. From the top menu, click on the “Requests” tab.
  5. Now, from the list, click “Credit Card.”
  6. Click “Hotlist Credit Card” to stop your Bank of India Credit Card.
  7. You must choose the Credit Card you want to block and click “Submit” to finish.

Email someone

You can stop your Credit Card by emailing your card information to from your registered email address, even though this could take longer than calling or using the Internet to bank.

Going to the Branch

Bank of India customers can go to a store near them. The person who lost the card must inform the branch, and the component will stop it. Using your Bank of India card’s hot listing and online banking is always best. You should go to your home branch only if you can’t do either of those things. Also, it is inconvenient because you could lose your card when banks are closed or on holidays.

Try not to tell anyone sensitive information like a PIN or Card Number. Keep your passwords and login information up to date at all times. When you get money from an ATM, watch what’s happening around you.

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