SBI Bank Mini Statement Number, SBI Mini Statement by Missed Call, ATM, SMS & etc

How to get SBI mini statement? With mini statement you keep track of the last few transactions in your account. SBI provides its customers several ways to view the mini statement. In this article, we are going to talk only about how to get SBI mini statement. 

SBI Bank Mini Statement

If you do not know the procedure to get SBI mini statement, then keep reading this article till the end. We have already come to know how to check SBI balance, Now we know how to get SBI mini statement.

SBI Bank Mini Statement Number

How to get SBI mini statement? There are multiple methods available to get SBI mini statement. Below you have been given the SBI mini statement number as well as the process to withdraw mini statement through net banking, ATM, SMS and mobile app. We suggest you to read each and every procedure carefully to know how to get SBI mini statement.

1) Through miss call –

Mini Statement can be obtained by giving missed call or by sending SMS. Customer can get last 5 transactions details by giving missed call to 9223866666.

SBI mini statement number is – 9223866666

You have to copy this given number and paste it in the dial of your phone. Then the call has to be made from the SIM card registered in the bank. The call will be disconnected automatically and mini statement of your account will be received through SMS in your phone.

2) Through Net Banking –

You can also check the mini statement of your account from the net banking service of SBI Bank. For this you must be a net banking user.

  1. First of all you have to visit the net banking website of SBI.
  2. Then click on Login .
  3. After that click on Continue to Login .
  4. Then give your Username & Password and click on Login .
  5. You will reach the dashboard of net banking.
  6. Then you have to click on My Accounts & Profile .
  7. After that click on Account Summary .
  8. Then you have to click on Click Here For Last 10 Transactions .
  9. The details of the last 10 transactions done in your account will be shown.

3) Through ATM –

If you have an ATM given by SBI, then you can also see the mini statement with its help. For that you have to follow this process –

  1. First you have to go to the nearest ATM with your ATM card.
  2. Then you have to insert your card in the ATM machine.
  3. You will be asked for your PIN which you have to enter.
  4. Then you will get many options, out of that select the mini statement option.
  5. The mini statement of your account will be shown.

4) Through SMS –

You can also check mini statement of SBI through SMS. For that you just have to send a message. You have to write MSTMT in the message and send it to 9223866666 . Within a short time you will receive a message on your phone with a mini statement.

5) Through mobile app –

If you use the Yono app made by SBI, then with its help you can also see the mini statement of your account. For that you follow the following procedures –

  1. First you open the Yono app.ANDROID / iOS
  2. Then login to this app by giving your login details.
  3. Then click on Accounts .
  4. Now you will be shown the balance of your account.
  5. Next to the balance, you will find an arrow (>) option, click there.
  6. Complete information about the transactions done in your account will come.


How to check SBI bank account balance?

To check SBI bank account number, you have to call on toll free number 09223766666 from the SIM card registered with the bank. The call will be disconnected automatically and you will be informed about the available balance through a message on your phone.

How to register mobile number in State Bank?

SBI gives you three ways to do this work. You can do this work through ATM, net banking or even by visiting SBI branch.

How to get passbook of SBI bank account?

First of all, you have to login to the net banking portal of SBI. Then go to My Accounts & Profile > Account Statement . After that, select from when you want the details. If you want to download PDF then select that option and then click on GO . Your statement will be downloaded as PDF.

Summary –

In this article, we have discussed how to get SBI mini statement. We have talked about five process like SBI Mini Statement Number, Net Banking, SMS Banking, Mobile App, ATM. If you have read this article carefully then you will not face any problem. If still you have any kind of problem, then you can tell in the comment box, we will try our best to solve it. If you liked this article then share it with your friends so that they can also get help. Thank you for reading this article till the end, have a nice day.