Indian Bank Mini Statement Number, How to Get Indian Bank Mini Statement

IB Bank Mini Statement No. Check Your Bank Balance in India Number Do you need to know how to obtain a small Indian Bank statement? Then you are exactly where you need to be. You will learn the Indian Bank Mini Statement Number in this article. You will very clearly grasp how to obtain a small statement from an Indian bank after reading this post. Thus, for the Indian Bank Mini Statement Number, carefully study this text.

Indian Bank Mini Statement

Indian Bank provides SMS Banking, Net Banking, and Mobile Banking services to its customers in order to enable and facilitate the provision of mini statements of accounts from the convenience of their homes. 

Indian Bank Mini Statement Number

With these services, you can obtain a mini-statement of your Indian Bank account. You can also get a mini-statement of your Indian Bank account by going to an ATM if you have an ATM card from Indian Bank. With this, even after visiting your branch, if you have an Indian Bank passbook, you can view the statement of your account from it.

IB Bank Mini Statement Number

You will learn all the methods in this post for checking your Indian Bank account’s mini-statement. You will also receive the Indian Bank Mini Statement Number, which you can utilise, along with this.
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Use SMS Banking to access your Indian Bank Mini Statement. You can use Indian Bank SMS Banking to rapidly check your account history if you don’t have access to Indian Bank Net Banking or Mobile Banking. Customers of Indian Bank are given free access to SMS banking so they can read a mini-statement of their accounts. And Indian Bank provides a micro statement number for this.

Indian Bank Mini Statement Number – 9444394443

To withdraw the mini statement from SMS Banking, you have to send an SMS to the Indian Bank Mini Statement number provided above. You must Text LTRANspace>PIN to 9444394443 in order to do this.
Your registered cellphone number will then receive an SMS from Indian Bank. It will describe the last three transactions that took place on your account.

Use net banking to access the Indian Bank mini statement. You can obtain a mini-statement of your account using Indian Bank’s Net Banking if you use it. This is a fantastic method for getting a brief account statement from your online banking account.

You must first visit Indian Bank’s official website before entering your user ID and password to access your net banking account.

You can read this article if you haven’t signed up for Indian Bank’s online banking service yet. Sign up for Indian Bank Internet Banking

You must click Account after logging into your net banking account. The next step is to select Quick Transaction View. This page will display your Indian Bank mini-statement.

When you click on Statement of Accounts, you may download your detailed statement by choosing the date and file format and then extracting the detailed statement.

Obtain an Indian Bank Mini Statement with mobile banking. If you utilise mobile banking for Indian Bank and own a smartphone, you can extract the bank’s mini statement from the app. You must input mpin to log in to the IndOASIS app from Indian Bank to do this.
If you haven’t signed up for Indian Bank’s mobile banking, you can read this article. Signup for Indian Bank Mobile Banking

You need to click on Accounts after logging into the IndOASIS app.

Indian Bank Mini Statement Number, How to Get Indian Bank Mini Statement

After this you have to click on Mini Statement.

After this, the mini statement of Indian Bank will appear in front of you.

Withdraw mini statement of Indian Bank from ATM.

You need an Indian Bank ATM card in order to withdraw your mini statement from an ATM. You ought to be familiar with its ATM PIN in addition to this. You must then adhere to the instructions below.

• You must first visit the ATM at Indian Bank. You can also visit further ATMs.
• The next step is to enter your Indian Bank ATM card into the reader.
• After that, you must select your language from among the local tongues.
• After doing so, click Click the button after inputting PIN to enter your 4-digit ATM PIN.
•fter that, you’ll have a lot of choices in front of you. You must select Mini Statement.
•The next step is to select the type of account from Savings, Current, or Credit.
•Following this, you must wait a time for the ATM to issue a receipt. This will include a brief account statement.