Port Airtel to Jio, How to Port Airtel to Jio?

Jio is seeing an increase in subscribers switching from other well-known networks. You must first understand porting to transfer to a new network while keeping your current phone number. Your existing number will be successfully ported once you join the new network.

If you are an Airtel customer planning to switch to Jio, take these easy steps to migrate your number.


You can also physically submit an MNP request by going to a nearby Airtel store.

  • Send an SMS to 1900 from the Airtel number you want to transfer to Jio with the phrase “PORT” and your 10-digit mobile number in the message body. This will start switching your SIM from the Airtel to the Jio network.
  • You will soon get an SMS from your current network operator containing the UPC number (Universal Product number) and expiration information.
  • Next, get the MyJio App from the app store. Create a Jio promo code by opening the app.
  • Take your smartphone, UPC, and Jio discount code to any Reliance Jio/Digital/Dx small retail store in your area.
  • You must show verification of your address, such as an Aadhaar card. You must have a legitimate address proof if your Aadhaar card does not have a local address. Additionally, you must present any authorized identification for verification. Further, bring two passport-size photos.
  • If you want them to, the Reliance or Jio shop staff will use the eKYC procedure to activate your Jio connection.
  • Before starting the porting procedure, Airtel postpaid subscribers must clear any outstanding balances with the company.
  • Your Airtel mobile number will be ported to the Jio network within seven business days. During this interim period, you won’t experience disruptions in using Airtel’s services. You will receive a notification that you are now part of the new network after the porting has been adequately completed.