BSNL Balance Check Number For, USSD Code for Voice, 4G Data & SMS

If you use a BSNL sim and are unsure of how to check your balance, you shouldn’t be concerned at all. Because after reading this article today, you will know all the main ussd codes of BSNL sim and how to check balance. It makes it simple to examine your main or net balance, SMS balance, etc.

BSNL Balance Check Number For 3g, 4g, 2g, Network

Guys, there are now just four sim network service providers in our nation (Airtel, vodafone-idea (vi), jio, and BSNL), and BSNL is one of the oldest and government-run companies. Such a business is BSNL, whose recharge is really affordable. Because of this, some of us like having BSNL.

BSNL Enquiry CodesThere are different USSD codes to check data balance, main balance, or more for your BSNL numbers. You can dial *123*6# or *123*10# to check your balance for 2G or 3G data. You can dial *124# to check the balance for 4G numbers

Nevertheless, some people forget how to check their BSNL balance since they have many cell sims, or we are unsure, so let us know your question. Bsnl’s balance, data, and SMS balance may all be checked. Bsnl’s 4G data is also available. For all of this information and the primary BSNL USD codes, read this page through to the conclusion.

Ways to check BSNL balance (BSNL Ka Balance Kaise Check Kare)

BSNL has made many plans according to the needs of its customers, which we use according to our needs (SMS Plan, Main Balance Plan, Unlimited Calling & Internet Plan etc.).

That’s why we are going to tell you how to check balance, validity in all the plans, which you can see below and also you can see the list of ussd codes.

1. How to check balance of BSNL number with USSD code.

The shortest and easiest way to check balance of any sim is by ussd code. That’s why we have first told you how to know the balance of BSNL SIM through USSD code. Apart from this, some main ussd codes of BSNL sim are also mentioned below.

How to check main balance of BSNL sim

If you have done Top-Up (Talktime) Recharge in BSNL SIM, then you have to check the main balance of your BSNL SIM and in which you can check the balance and validity of BSNL recharge with ussd code.

To check the main balance and validity of BSNL number, you have to dial *123*1# from BSNL number and make a call.

After this, a screen message will appear in front of you and in which the balance and validity of your BSNL number will be shown. You can also see this in the photo above.

How to check BSNL Net Balance

If you have recharged internet in your BSNL sim, then for this you will have to dial the data checking code in your mobile. In BSNL you can check 3G and 4G data balance by code.

BSNL 3G Balance Check Code: If you have done 3G recharge in BSNL SIM, then you have to dial *123*16# and call from BSNL SIM to check 3G BSNL Data Balance. After this a message will appear on your mobile screen. In which you can know the data balance and validity of your BSNL number.

BSNL 4G Balance Check Code: Similarly, if you want to check 4G data balance in your BSNL SIM, then you have to dial BSNL 4G Data Balance Check Code *124# and make a call. After which the data or Net Balance message of your BSNL number will appear on your mobile screen.

How to check BSNL SMS balance (by ussd code)

If you have recharged SMS pack on your BSNL number and you want to check the balance of SMS, then you have to dial *125# number from your mobile and call from your BSNL SIM. After this, a screen message will appear in front of you, in which you will get the balance of the SMS pack.

2. All Main USSD Codes of BSNL Sim

If you use BSNL number, then you must have knowledge of the main ussd codes of BSNL, because you need them anytime. That’s why we have given below all the main ussd codes of BSNL sim. By using which you get complete information about the plan whose code you dial.

S. No.Information (Work)USSD Codes
1.BSNL Balance & Validity*123#
2.BSNL Main Balance*123*1#
3.BSNL Data Balance*123*16# or *124# or *124*2#
4.BSNL SMS Balance Check*125# or *123*2#
5.BSNL Net Balance Validity123*5#
6.BSNL Minute Balance*123*2#
7.Check BSNL Offers*444#
8.BSNL number check*8888#
9.BSNL Plan Details*102#
10.BSNL Customer Care*1503#

3. How to check balance of BSNL number by sending SMS. (Net/SMS/Main Balance & Validity)

If friends, you do not want to check the balance of your BSNL number with USSD Code, then you can also check Data, Main, SMS Balance of BSNL number through SMS. For this you have to send a message from your BSNL number. After which complete information about the Active Plan of your BSNL number is available. For this you follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. First of all open it by clicking on the Message App.
  2. After this type BAL in the message and write BAL in capital word only)
  3. Now send this message to 123 number from your BSNL SIM.

Shortly after doing this, a message will come on your number from BSNL. In which there will be complete information about the active plan of your BSNL number – like main balance, data balance, sms balance, validity etc.

4. Check BSNL Net Balance from App.

If you use a smartphone, you can also know the plan and balance of the BSNL number through the app. For this, you have to install the BSNL app in your mobile and after that you have to follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. First of all install BSNL Selfcare app from play store in your mobile. (Don’t install My BSNL app as it is old app)
  2. Now you open the bsnl selfcare app and then select the language and do next.
  3. After this you enter your BSNL mobile number and do ok and then verify the app with the otp received on the mobile.
  4. Now in this app you will get complete information about your BSNL plan and also you can easily check your BSNL number’s main balance, data balance, sms balance, plan validity etc.

In this way, you can easily know the net balance of your BSNL number through the app. You only need to do the setting of the app mentioned above once. After that you just have to open the app and you can know the complete details and balance of your BSNL number.