Canara Bank Mobile Number Change Online & Offline, How to Update Mobile Number in Canara Bank

As all banks now provide web and phone banking services for the convenience of their customers, each customer must register their cellphone number with the bank in order to access online banking.

How to Change Mobile Number in Canara Bank?

  • You might need to sometimes update your registered cellphone number.
  • You are free to repeat the procedure as frequently as you like.
  • We’ll walk you through each step required to update your cellphone number with Canara Bank in this post.

Methods for changing mobile numbers in Canara Bank

  1. By using the nearest Canara Bank ATM
  2. By visiting a bank branch (offline)

Canara Bank Mobile Number Change Via ATM

Steps to change Mobile number in Canara Bank Via ATM:

  • Step 1: Go to a nearby Canara Bank ATM.
  • Step 2: Place your ATM card in the slot and enter your PIN.
  • Step 3: Choose Register from the options.
  • Step 4: From the drop-down menu, select “Register my cellphone number”.
  • Step 5: On the new page, click the Change Mobile Number option.
  • Step 6: Enter your new mobile number on the keypad, then click Confirm.
  • Step 7: Submit the updated cellphone number once more for verification.
  • Step 8: A reference number will now appear on your screen. Take note of it.
  • Step 9: You will also get an OTP on your previous phone number.
  • Step 10: Enter [space] ENABLE [space] [Space] OTP
  • Step 11: Your bank account will be updated to reflect your new mobile number.

Change Your Canara Bank Mobile Number at a Branch Location

How to change your mobile number at Canara Bank simply going to the bank branch:

  • Step 1: Go to the Canara Bank assistance desk in your neighbourhood branch.
  • Step 2: Request the Canara Bank change of number form and fill it out to change your mobile phone number.
  • Step 3: Fill out the form completely, including the account number, the new mobile number, the justification for the change in the mobile number, etc.
  • Step 4: Double-check that the form is completely completed and that your identity is connected.
  • Step 5: Fill out the form and hand it in to the assistance desk.
  • Step 6: If your information is verified, a bank representative will register your new cellphone number within two business days.

With these techniques, changing your cellphone number at Canara Bank is fairly simple.