Allahabad Bank Mini Statement Number, Allahabad Bank Mini Statement by Missed Call, ATM, SMS & etc

How to get Allahabad Bank mini statement? You can find out the last few transactions from the Allahabad Bank mini statement. The process to view the mini statement is quite simple. You have to go through some simple steps. Still you may face problems, that’s why we are going to discuss about how to get Allahabad Bank mini statement in this article. 

Allahabad Bank Mini Statement

We hope that after reading this article you will not have any question in your mind. Allahabad Bank is merged with Indian Bank. Now Indian Bank will have to be used for any facility of Allahabad Bank. We have already come to know how to check Allahabad Bank balanceNow we know how to get Allahabad Bank mini statement.

Allahabad Bank Mini Statement Number

How to get Allahabad Bank mini statement? – Various Process There are multiple methods of viewing Allahabad Bank mini statement. We are going to know about all of them in detail. You can use whatever process you like.

1) Through miss call –

  • You can check Allahabad Bank mini statement by just giving a missed call. It is much easier than other process.

Allahabad Bank Mini Statement Number is – 8108781085 or 1800 425 00000

  1. You have to copy this number.
  2. Then you have to paste in the dial of your phone.
  3. After that call has to be made from the registered number in the bank.
  4. You will get the mini statement after the call is automatically disconnected.

2) Through SMS –

If you want to check mini statement by any method other than missed call, you can also use SMS.
For this, you have to write in the message LATRAN<space><Mpin> for the main account and LATRAN<space><Account Number><space><Mpin> for the other account and send it to the number 9444394443 . After some time you will get a message where you will get to see the mini statement of your account.

3) Through ATM –

If you have an ATM card of Allahabad Bank available, then you can also check the mini statement of your account with the help of that. For this you have to go to any nearest ATM with ATM. After inserting the card in the machine there, you have to select your language. Then you will get many options, among them Mini Statement has to be selected. Then you will be asked for the PIN, which has to be entered. You will see the mini statement of your account.

4) Through mobile app –

Allahabad Bank does not have its own app. After merging with Indian Bank, every banking related work has to be done through IndOASIS app. If you use this app, then with the help of this you can easily check mini statement. Let’s know how:

  1. First you open this app.ANDROID / iOS
  2. Then login to this app by giving your PIN .
  3. After login, you will get an option by Accounts , click on it.
  4. After that an option of Savings Account will appear, click on it.
  5. Now you will see the account number, click on it.
  6. Then select Mini Statement , you will see the mini statement of your account.

5) Through Net Banking –

Net banking is also a good option to check your mini statement. After following the steps given below, you will also find it easy. If you have not previously checked mini statement through net banking, then follow each and every step carefully.

  1. First of all, you come to the net banking portal of Indian Bank.
  2. There will be an option to enter your User ID , enter it and click on LOGIN .
  3. Then you will be asked for your password , enter it and click on Login again.
  4. Now you will reach the net banking dashboard of the bank.
  5. You will find a section of My Accounts there , below that an option of Quick Transaction View will be found, click there.
    You will see the mini statement of your account.


What is the balance Enquiry number of Allahabad Bank?

As you know that Allahabad Bank is merged with Indian Bank, so you can check your Allahabad Bank account balance by Indian Bank balance check number only. That balance check number is- 180042500000 . You can check the available balance in your account by calling this number.

How to register your mobile number in Allahabad Bank?

To add mobile number in Allahabad Bank, you have to visit the nearest Indian Bank branch. There you have to take a form and fill it completely, submit it along with your documents. The mobile number will be registered in your account shortly.

What is the new name of Allahabad Bank?

Allahabad Bank has been merged with Indian Bank on 1st April 2020. Since then it is known as Indian Bank only.

Summary –

In this article, we have learned how to get Allahabad Bank mini statement. We have talked about four more ways with Allahabad Bank Mini Statement Number. Due to the merger of Allahabad Bank with Indian Bank, all your work has to be done with Indian Bank. If you have read it carefully, then you must have got all the details related to Allahabad Bank mini statement. Still, if you have any query, you can ask in the comment section below, we will do our best to solve it. If you liked this article, then share it with your friends so that they too can get complete information about how to get Allahabad Bank mini statement. Thank you for reading this article till the end, have a nice day.