Block RBL Bank Credit Card, How to Block RBL Credit Card

How to Close and Block Your RBL Bank Credit Card. You can manage your RBL Bank credit card both online and offline. You can temporarily stop using your RBL card by blocking it. You can close your credit card account for good if you need to. Read on how to control or block your RBL credit card.

How to Block RBL Credit Card

If someone loses or steals their RBL credit card, they can block it to stop illegal purchases. If they no longer want to use their RBL credit card, they can also cancel it. But before making the final choice, they must also consider what will happen. Read on to find out how to close and stop your RBL Bank credit card online and in person and how it will affect your credit score.

  • You can close your RBL credit card account in many ways, such as the ones below:

Dial Customer Service.

You can close your credit card account by calling the following RBL bank customer service numbers: 022-62327777 for an RBL credit card and 022-71190900 for a SuperCard. You can call these lines and give the necessary information when asked to prove your name and cancel your credit card.

By email

Credit card users at RBL Bank can cancel their cards by emailing the bank. For BFL SuperCards, email your name, date of birth, card number, and expiration date to For other RBL credit cards, send an email to

Stop by the RBL Bank Branch

To remove a card offline, customers can go to an RBL bank office and hand in a letter asking for a withdrawal. They may also be asked to show proof of who they are and a credit card that has been cut crosswise.

Here are some online and local ways you can block your RBL credit card:

Through online banking

After logging in, customers can go to the credit card part of their RBL net banking site. They can choose to stop using their credit card there.

How to Use MyCard App

Customers can use the steps below to log in to the RBL MyCard app and block their credit card:

  • Use your MPIN to sign in.
  • Go to Card Settings in.
  • Click the “Turn off the card” button.

Calling Customer Service

Call 022-62327777 for an RBL credit card or 022-71190900 for a SuperCard to reach the RBL Experience Center. After calling, they can stop their card by choosing option two and option 3.