Block Axis Credit Card, How to Block Axis Credit Card

How to Disable an Axis Credit Card Several credit cards from Axis Bank enable you to get points each time you use your card. However, you may always contact customer service if you ever lose or misplace your Axis Bank credit card, and they will assist you in blocking your card.

How to Block Axis Credit Card

Axis Bank’s credit card is missing, which is helpful! If your debit or credit card falls or is stolen, you may quickly block it from home. You should do this right away to prevent unauthorised usage. Reading more

In India, more people are using digital payments. Both large cities and small communities nationwide use credit cards more often. You can be in trouble if your Axis Bank credit card disappears overnight. A PIN is not even necessary for cards that use contactless technology. You should be aware of the Axis Bank credit card ban procedure in such a circumstance. There are several ways to deny an Axis Bank credit card.

SMS may also be used to ban an Axis Card.

What makes this unique is the ability to ban an Axis Bank credit card by SMS. Sending this message is quite simple. Send the keyword BLOCK XXXX to 5676782 to block your card. Your card number’s last four digits, XXXX, are shown below. Verify that you sent the SMS from the mobile device associated with the credit card.

By way of the Axis Mobile App

You must select Banking, then Services, on the Axis Bank mobile app. Go to Credit Card after that. You must choose Block & Replace Card from the menu on the next screen. Block the card right away after that.

Utilising Internet Banking

First, log in to Axis Bank’s Internet Banking. Click Account after entering your user ID and password. After that, you may block the card by selecting More Services from My Cards.