Inter Caste Marriage Inactive Scheme Bihar Application Form

Bihar Inter Caste Marriage Incentive Scheme / Antarjatiya Vivah Protsahan Yojana Online Application, Eligibility Criteria & Required Documents List -: Today we have brought another great scheme released by the government for your welfare. Let me inform you that this scheme is for the residents of Bihar. Even if you do not live in Bihar, you can read this post because it contains things of knowledge. Before telling about this scheme, I would like to tell you the basic feeling behind this scheme. From this you will get to learn something new. 

As we are moving towards modernization today, in which everyone is seen with equal eyes. If we talk about the earlier era then you will feel that caste discrimination was a common problem in which upper caste people preferred to stay away from lower caste people. The upper caste people did not like the lower caste people at all. 

This caste discrimination creates hatred among people for each other, due to which it becomes even more difficult to keep India united. If someone from a lower caste wanted to have a matrimonial relationship with a higher caste person, he could not do so. Such anti-social elements remained in our India for many ages. 

Bihar Intercaste Marriage Promotion Scheme

About Bihar Antar Jatiya Vivah Protsahan Yojana -: At this time we have become very modern and with this modernization the effect of caste seems to be decreasing. First let me tell you the name of this scheme which is “Bihar Intercaste Marriage Scheme / Bihar Intercaste Marriage Scheme or Bihar Antar Jatiya Vivah Yojana” . First let me explain to you the meaning of intercaste marriage.

Its simple meaning is when a boy or girl marries a boy or girl from another caste leaving their own caste, then it is called inter-caste marriage. In this , the goal of Bihar Inter Caste Marriage Incentive Scheme is to thread India in the form of a garland. You can understand that a good message goes in the society from the Inter-caste Marriage Promotion Scheme (Antar Jatiya Protsahan Yojana) . Due to this, the disorders related to caste and religion will also be removed in the society. There will also be less estrangement of religious feelings towards each other in the minds of people.

Every day we see that riots, fights are taking place, in which thousands of lives are lost in a moment. Actually behind these riots there is caste of people who consider people of other caste as their enemies. No matter how modern we become, until this caste system is not curbed, we will die fighting like this.

So this is the main basis of this scheme that caste discrimination can be eradicated from the mind of the people. You must have come to know from the above words that what people do for their caste, and how important is the Inter Caste Marriage Scheme to reduce caste discrimination. Now we will provide you all the information about Bihar Intercaste Marriage Incentive Scheme. Stay with us and try to read this post carefully so that you do not face any problem later.

Benefits of Bihar Inter Cast Marriage Scheme

Benefits Provided under Bihar Inter Caste Marriage Scheme -: If you have read our above post, then you must have got an idea that what are the benefits of inter-caste marriage scheme to the society. Those who have come to know then it is good for them and those who have not come to know then they do not need to panic because we will tell you all its benefits. All its benefits are written in the post below, which you can read comfortably.

  • The biggest advantage of the inter-caste marriage scheme is that people’s attachment to members of other castes will increase.
  • Inter-caste marriage scheme is to make people feel that someone is a human before his caste.
  • The thread of unity in which we talk about tying the country, some part of that thread of unity will be completed through inter-caste marriage scheme.
  • If a family belonging to a Scheduled Caste marries a Scheduled Tribe family, then they will get an amount of 3 lakh 50 thousand (Rs 3.5 Lakh) from the Bihar government.
  • It will help in eradicating untouchability.
  • The society will get a new message which will spread slowly.

Eligibility for Bihar Intercaste Marriage Scheme

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Inter Caste Marriage Incentive Scheme Bihar -: Now let us talk about the eligibility of Bihar Inter Caste Marriage Incentive Scheme. For the eligibility of this scheme, the bride and groom have to read the things mentioned below carefully so that you do not delay in taking advantage of this scheme.

  • According to the Bihar government, it is necessary for a boy and a girl to have a legal marriage .
  • For inter-caste marriage scheme, both the boy and the girl must belong to different castes .
  • The boy and the girl should be registered under the Hindu Marriage Act .
  • To take advantage of the intercaste marriage scheme, the newly married couple will have to submit their marriage information or application within 1 year. If after that you want to apply then you cannot. So definitely keep this in mind.
  • The place where the married couple is living in Bihar will have to apply only. If you are out of Bihar and want to apply, then you have to apply in the district of the spouse of the married.

Documents for Bihar Intercaste Marriage

List of Required Documents to Apply for Bihar Intercaste Marriage Scheme -: As we all know that to avail any scheme we have to show our documents. So to take advantage of this scheme also you will have to show the documents. Below is a list of all the documents that both the bride and groom will have to show.

  • The first document in this is the Aadhaar card which is held by almost every citizen of the country.
  • When you turn 18 years old, you can get a voter ID card made. You will also have to show the Voter ID card in your documents.
  • Along with this, the Bihar government has also demanded passport size photographs of the couple.
  • You must be getting ration from the government. In this, you will also have to attach a photocopy of the ration card.
  • Along with this, the bride and groom should have bank accounts. So that the money of Bihar Intercaste Marriage Promotion Scheme (Bihar Antar Jatiya Vivah Protsahan Yojana) can come directly to your bank account. But this money will come in only one bank account. That’s why here the Bihar government has demanded the joint bank account number of bride and groom.
  • Along with this, you will also have to show caste certificate which is most important to take advantage of this scheme.
  • The bride and groom will have to give their residence certificate of Bihar so that you can be identified as a citizen of Bihar.

Bihar Intercaste Marriage Scheme Online Application

Apply Online / Application for Bihar Antar Jatiya Vivah Yojana -: You can choose a safe and fast way to apply through the online process to avail Bihar Intercaste Marriage Scheme benefits. If you have read our above post, then you will know for whom this scheme is and what is its eligibility.

If you do not have even a little knowledge about Bihar Antar Jatiya Vivah Protsahan Yojana, then please read the whole post and then think about applying. Keep the mentioned documents with you so that there is no mistake in filling the form. So we tell you the method of its application, only you have to follow the steps mentioned by us.

  • First of all, you have to go to the official website of the Government of Bihar. If you want to get the form of Bihar Intercaste Marriage Scheme directly, then click here .
  • By clicking on this link, a new page will open in front of you, in which you will see the form of Bihar Intercaste Marriage Scheme.
  • Download this form.
  • In the Bihar Intercaste Marriage Scheme Form, you will be asked various types of information such as name of parents, name of bride and groom, date of marriage, etc.
  • In this form, you also have to add your documents, whatever documents have been asked.
  • After filling the application form completely and attaching the documents, you have to go to the nearest Tehsil Office, Sub Divisional Judge, Divisional Judge or Social Welfare Department office and submit it.

Process after applying for the scheme

Procedure After Submit Application for Bihar Inter Caste Marriage Scheme -: Tehsil Office, Sub-Divisional Magistrate / SDM, Divisional Magistrate / DM or Social Welfare Department Office Or after submitting the application form and documents in any related office, you will be given an acknowledgment receipt, which you will have to keep carefully.

Generally , it takes 7 to 21 days to process the entire Intercaste Marriage Incentive Scheme / Bihar Antar Jatiya Vivah Protsahan Yojana and the money to reach your bank account. But sometimes this period can be longer. The whole process period will be completed after the verification of all the documents by the departmental officer.

If any kind of deficiency or mistake is found in your application, then the application will be canceled and you will be informed to correct it. For more information and assistance related to this scheme, you can contact the departmental officers by visiting the above mentioned offices or click here to visit the official website of Social Welfare Department .