Central Bank of India Balance Check Number, CBI Bank Balance Check Missed Call Number

One of India’s biggest commercial banks is the Central Bank of India. Mumbai serves as the Central Bank of India’s administrative centre. Customers of this bank have access to a Central Bank Balance Enquiry Number, which allows us to check our account balance from the comfort of our homes.

Central Bank Balance Enquiry Number

You can check the balance of your account by placing a missed call to the Central Bank’s supplied number, but you must have your mobile phone connected to your account in order to do so. If your mobile number is associated with your account, use the steps below to check your Central Bank amount.

How to do Central Bank Balance Enquiry via SMS

  • Your call will automatically be disconnected after one or two rings.
  • First of all call on 9555244442 from your registered mobile number.
  • Now an SMS will come on your mobile from the bank.
  • In this SMS you can see the balance in your account. 
  • How to check bank balance of any bank?

You must send an SMS from your registered cellphone number in order to check your Central Bank of India balance. By referring to the points listed below, you can send an SMS to inquire about the Central Bank Balance.

First type BALAVL <Account Number> <MPIN> in your message box.

Send  the typed message to 9967533228 from your registered mobile number.

The bank will now send you an SMS to your phone with a link to view your account’s balance.

You must activate your cell phone for SMS services before you may check your Central Bank of India balance via SMS. To do this, go to your bank account.