Aadhar Card Application Form for Child, Download Aadhar Card Application Slip for Child

Download Application Form for Child Aadhar Card, Download the PDF application form for a child’s Aadhar card. The Aadhaar card is currently required for adults. Today, the Aadhaar card has been issued to the majority of people, and the Aadhaar Center is continuously producing new Aadhaar cards. If you have young children in your household and wish to obtain Aadhaar cards for them, it is simple to submit a new application. For this, you must complete and submit the prescribed application form.

How to Download Aadhar Card Application Form for my child?

Form TypeAadhaar Card
Form NameAadhaar Card Application Form
Size335 KB
DownloadClick Here
Toll Fre Number1947

A baby Aadhaar Card is used to create Aadhaar cards for minors. You can obtain the application form for creating an Aadhaar card for a minor online. Here, we explain how to download the PDF application form for a child’s Aadhar card.

How do I fill out the form for a child’s Aadhar Card?

Download the Aadhaar card application form for minors from the provided link. Then, please print this form. Now, complete the application form with the child’s name, gender, date of birth, and complete address. Next, enter the Aadhaar number information for the mother or father. Children under 5 years old must provide their parents’ Aadhaar information after completing the application form; parents must sign below.

How can a minor obtain an Aadhaar card?

Prepare beforehand by completing the Aadhaar Card Application Form. Then, proceed to the local base center. Online appointment booking is also available via the UIDAI website. Submit the required form and documentation to the Aadhaar Center. You can review the list of required documentation for minors –

  • Identity Proof: Birth Certificate Or Any ID Card Issued By A School.
  • Residential Proof: Aadhaar Card Of A Parent Or Legal Guardian And Resident Certificate Issued By MP, MLA, Gazette Officer, Panchayat Or Tehsildar.

For Children Between 5 and 15 Years

  • Birth Certificate Or School ID
  • Letterhead From The Institution
  • Adhaar Card Of The Parent Or Legal Guardian
  • Identity Certificate Issued By Tehsildar Or Gazette Officer

This post explains in detail how to obtain the PDF application form for an Aadhar card for a minor. If you have any trouble obtaining the application, please let us know in the comment section below. We will assist you. Thank you very much!