KVB Bank Balance Check, KVB Missed Call Number, KVB Balance Check Number 2023

One of the most well-known private sector banks in India today is Karur Vysya Bank, which offers a missed call and SMS alert feature that allows customers to check their account balance. Tamil Nadu is home to the bank’s headquarters. The bank, which was founded in 1916, currently has approximately 735 branches in addition to its 1750 ATMs. They also provide a missed call or SMS inquiry mechanism for checking account balances, similar to the majority of other banks. Below, we’ve included the specifics of both approaches.

Checking your Karur Vysya Bank balance through a missed call:

Information about How to Check Karur Vysya Bank Balance By Missed Call & SMS Alert, You must register your cellphone number with the bank in advance of using this option. You can call 9266292666 on a missed call once you’ve registered. The call will end shortly after, and you will receive an SMS with details on your account balance. Simply place a missed call to 9266292665 if you need to check your most recent three transactions. With your most recent three purchases, you will receive an SMS.

SMS Balance Check for Karur Vysya Bank:

The SMS technique to check the account balance is also accessible at Karur Vysya Bank. To do this, simply text KVBBAL to 56161 in a text message. Your entire account balance will be sent to you through SMS.

To check your balance, you may alternatively utilize the net banking service or make a phone call to the Karur Vysya bank’s customer service department.