BOM Bank RTGS & NEFT Form Pdf, Bank of Maharashtra RTGS/NEFT Form PDF 2023 Download

The Bank of Maharashtra Download the BOM RTGS Form PDF, Bank of Maharashtra’s RTGS Form, and the Mahabank RTGS Funds Transfer Application Form. The Bank of Maharashtra By utilising the RTGS method, monies are transferred from one person/bank to another using the RTGS form. Transferring significant sums is typically favoured.

You can use the link we’ve supplied in this post or go to the bank’s official website to get the BOM RTGS Form. When a transfer request is made, RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) enables consumers to send money immediately without any delays.

Bank of Maharashtra RTGS/NEFT Form PDF 2023 Download

It is a quick and safe method of transferring money. There is no maximum amount that may be sent with RTGS; the minimum is Rs. 2 lakhs. You may access a direct download link for the Bank of Maharashtra-BOM RTGS Form in PDF format here. By just clicking on the link provided below, you can quickly obtain the RTGS/NETF form.

Bank of Maharashtra- BOM RTGS Form PDF

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Steps To Fill BOM RTGS Form – Offline

The BOM RTGS Form has a lot of parts, as you will notice. You must follow the instructions below in order to fill out the form without any issues:

  • The RTGS form has two components, which you can see when you download and open it. The left portion is for the Acknowledgement copy, and the right section is for the Remitter & Beneficiary Information.
  • Enter the date, branch name, and amount to be transferred first (in figures & words).
  • Now enter the beneficiary’s information, including their name, bank, branch, account type, account number, city, and IFSC code.
  • Enter the date, the applicant’s or remitter’s name, the account number, the account type, the amount (in rupees), the charges (in rupees), the total amount (in rupees), and the beneficiary information on the left side (same as mentioned in the right section).
  • Check the form’s data thoroughly before signing, adding your mobile phone number, and delivering it to bank representatives.
  • To process the transaction, bank personnel must validate and sign in the “Just For Office Use” section (As shown in the image below).
  • The “Acknowledgement” part on the left is a customer acknowledgement copy that the applicant receives when the transaction is complete. It contains information about RTGS along with the bank official’s signature and the bank seal displayed in the following image. Customers and applicants can use it as a reference for upcoming RTGS transactions.

RTGS, or Real-Time Gross Settlement, is an electronic method for transferring money rapidly and conveniently. You can request offline service by filling out a BOM RTGS Form and submitting it to the branch that is closest to you, or you can do it online if you have access to internet banking. To complete the transaction, be sure you provide the correct account number and other information in the form.

  • Visit the bank’s official website to get the RTGS application form, or use the direct link provided below.

BOM RTGS/NEFT Form PDF 2023 Download